You can send email to the inmate/offender you want by using or JPay apps for Android and iOS.  Availability of features vary by facility. Click here to lookup services offered at your incarcerated individual’s facility.

Before you send email you must buy stamps. You can check your stamp purchase history at any time.

You can attach photos and eCards to your message.

You can send a photo without a message using our Snap n’ Send feature, only on the JPay apps.

You can transfer stamps or send a prepaid reply stamp to the individual.

You can record a 30 second video message using our VideoGram feature, only on the JPay apps.

Depending on the facility, the email you send may reach your friend or relative in electronic or printed format.

How does my individual receive Email?

When sending email to an inmate/offender, your email may be received in printed or electronic format.

Printed Email

Some facilities do not have the equipment for delivering your emails electronically. Instead your email is received by the facility and then it is printed and handed to the individual the same way they would receive traditional hard copy mail.

If the facility has the ability to scan a reply from the individual into a pdf then you can pre-pay for a reply. The individual will be given paper to write the reply which will then be scanned into a pdf and sent to you as a reply email.

If the facility does not have the ability to scan a reply from the individual they will have to send their reply through regular mail.

Electronic reception

Electronic emails are received by the incarcerated individual via a kiosk or a tablet. They will reply to you using the kiosk or tablet without the need to print or scan any document. In most states you can also include a pre-paid reply.

Note: All correspondence including attachments are reviewed by facility officials before the incarcerated individual can view them. Content may be censored based upon each agency’s rules and regulations.