You may experience some difficulties during your video session. You can try some of the solutions below.

Devices not detected

When you connect to a video session, the Video Connect system makes sure your audio and video devices are connected and properly configured. If you receive an error message that says your microphone and camera were not detected, make sure the devices are securely plugged into your computer and try to test your equipment again.

The retest will tell you if your equipment is set up improperly or is not in good working order. If the test indicates that your setup is fine, and you can see moving images and hear audio in the testing frame, try to connect to your video session again.

No video

If the video is not working for your video session, try the following:

  • check to see that your camera is connected.

No audio

If the audio is not working for your video session, do one of the following:

  • check to see that your audio system is not muted.
  • check to see that your speakers are connected.
  • if using a headset, check to see that it is connected.

If your problem is still not resolved

If your video session is still not working after troubleshooting, then please call JPay customer service:

(800) 574-5729